Foot peg lowering kit (driver only)

DL3N fits all RT & RTW models 1996-2014 & newer R1200RTW 
DL3N Kit fits R1100RT, R1150RT, R1200RT, R850R, R1100R, R1100RS 

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Foot peg kit -  Left side view


Left Side

The shifter on this RT is attached to a spline shaft which is hiding behind the side panel. The shifter can be rotated counter clockwise one notch for a better position.

Right side view   

Net change is 1.45" down,
0.38" forward, total move 1.5"



Right Side
The 2014 & newer  R1200RT does not have an adjustable stop on the brake pedal.
On previous models the brake pedal could
 be adjusted to a lower position to allow easier access when using the DL3N kit. This feature has been eliminated by the factory. 


The brake pedal on 1996 thru 2013 models have a stop bolt which can be backed out to lower the pedal. The linkage to the master cylinder must be shortened to maintain proper free play so that the rear brake will not drag. Your BMW dealer can make these adjustments for you.

R1200RT handlebar ups

Does not fit 2014 & newer



View of rear view mirror with bar-ups.

Prototype of one inch tall handlebar risers.
Net change .894 up & .447 back.

At the MOA Lima, OH rally, numerous R12RT owners sat on our bike with the handlebar risers installed and gave the new hand position high marks. The view through the mirrors is consistently better.
Production parts are clear anodized to match handlebar.

The handlebar up kit is now available with four 55mm and four 70mm long bolts for use with the BMW factory GPS.
The picture at right shows riders view of the instrument panel with the riser kit installed along with the GPS.

A close up view of the R12RT bar risers,
upper and lower surface.


Kit includes 8 stainless steel 8mm x 55
socket head cap screws.

GPS kit has 4 pcs 8mm x 55 and 4 pcs 8mm x 70.

R1200RT extended shifter 2005-2013.
Does not fit 2014 & newer.


Before and after

R1200RT factory shifter modified - 1.0" longer than stock.
Shifter to peg, six inches center to center, 3/4" lower than stock.
 Parts pictured above left  have an Armaloy finish.

On center stand, peg measures 13.75" from ground to foot rest surface.
Shifter measures 12.25" from ground to top surface.
Shifter is 1.5" lower when rotated one notch counterclockwise on mounting shaft.

Without exchange, shifter cost is $250.00
When the factory shifter is returned, we refund
$100.00 to your credit card.

The 2010/11/12 R1200RTs have a new cast aluminum shifter that cannot be modified.
There is no trade-in value on the 2010 - 2013  shifters.
It does have an adjustable nose that will, in most cases, accommodate the DL3 kit.
If the new factory shifter is not long enough, our S6 shifter will fit the 2010-2013 models.
The extended shifter does not fit 2014 & newer.  

DL3N Kit fits R1200RTW, R1200RT, R1150RT, R1100RT, R850R, R1100R, R1100RS

DL3N   (Driver) Foot peg Lowering Kit - $179.95 Add to Cart

S6 - R1200RT Extended shifter - $155.95
(exchange price for 2005-2009)
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S6N - R1200RT Extended shifter - $255.95
( 2010-2013 no exchange available)
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R2 - R1200RT (2005-2009) Handlebar UP  Kit - $109.95 Add to Cart
R2GPS - R1200RT Long Bolt (For BMW GPS)
Handlebar UP  Kit - $115.95
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R3 - R1100/1150RT (1996-2004) Handlebar UP  Kit - $109.95 Add to Cart
 R3GPS - R100/R1150 Long Bolt (For BMW GPS)
Handlebar UP  Kit -    $115.95
Add to Cart
R4 - R1200RT (2010-2013) Handlebar UP  Kit $109.95 Add to Cart
R4GPS - R1200RT Long Bolt (For BMW GPS)
Handlebar UP  Kit - $115.95
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